The Virginia Steelers was establish in 2009 in Herndon Virginia with the goal of giving athletes the opportunity to play minor league football with a professionally run organization.  We believe that the Northern Virginia area has plenty of talent to build a successful team as the area has produced professional athletes like Chris Warren (Seattle Seahawks), Ratcliff Thomas (New England Patriots) and most recently, Westfield’s  Eddie Royal (Denver Broncos) just to name a few. We believe that the area would have produced more professional athletes if players had a second chance to pursue their dreams after high school or College.  We Believe the Virginia Steelers can provide that second chance by giving players the opportunity to improve their skills while in transition from High School to College or from College to other professional leagues.  We would like the Virginia Steelers to serve as a transitioning point for athletes trying to get to the next level.  One of our goals is to establish relationships with pro agents, professional leagues like the Canadian Football league and Division I Universities to try and help players get to the next level.  If you categorize yourself as one of these individuals or just want a chance to compete at the minor league level then the Virginia Steelers is the organization for you.
One Team, One Heart Beat, One Goal, To Win
Back for the 2014 Season, July 8th, 2013

The Steelers staff is very excited to have Lionel Breaux back this season as he continues his campaign to make an NFL roster.  Breaux was highly sought after by NFL scouts in the 2011 draft upon graduating from Ole Miss.  Lionel is still in contact with a few NFL teams and hopes to get a call very soon for the 2013 NFL season.
2013 DMV Bowl Champions Steelers 14, Gladiators 0

2013 Players of the Year
Offensive MVP, RB #18 Claude Johnson
Defensive MVP, DT #55 Mike Williams
Best Offesive Linemen C, # 52 Tyrell Chatman
Best Defensive Linemen DT, #74 Daniel Schreiber

Steeler RB, Claude Johnson Interview at the 2014 NFL Regional Combine starts at 10min 41 sec
8-23-2014- Steelers vs Rams Game Pics
Steelers 6,Tigers 28 Saturday 9-17-2015
The Steelers could not get their first win of the season this past Saturday in their last home game of the season against the Woodland Tigers.  The very game Steelers started off in typical Steeler fashion playing smash mouth football but were missing too many key players due to injury to be successful and had to play some iron-man football.  The Steelers started the game with the ball on offense and drove down the field but failed to put up any points with a missed field goal.  The Tigers struck first with a 50 yard touchdown off an Iso from the I-Formation to go up 6-0.  The Tigers would score again by going to the air with a 20 yard TD pass and followed up with a two-point conversion to go into the half with a 14-0 lead.  The Steelers would get the ball again to start the second half as the Tigers deferred to receive during the opening coin toss but couldn't get anything done.  The Steelers played tough defense in the 3rd quarter but their offesne continued to struggle as new QB AJ Soules tried to find his rhythm. The Tigers would score again early in the 4th to go up 22-0. The Steelers offense finally put a drive together to put some points on the board lead by quarterback/wr Chris Dalton who capped off a 65yard drive with 10 yard keeper around the left side of the Tigers defense with 2:30 seconds left in the game.  The Tigers would get great field position off of the return and crossed mid-field into Steeler territory and scored  on the very next play with 40yard pass.

Steelers vs. Seadevils-Saturday 9-26-2015
The Steelers hope to get a win this weekend as they look to try and not do something no team in Steeler history has ever done and that's not win a game.  The Steelers have their work cut out for them as the Seadevils have two wins on the season and will be home for the playoffs. A win will not be an easy task for the Steelers as they lost to the Seadevils 32-16 ealier in the season.  This game will be all about pride as the Steelers look to at least save face in a very dissapointing season after falling short of the Championship by one game in 2014.